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Sphere of Influence, Farming, and Mass Media w/Dan Beer

Sphere of Influence, Farming, and Mass Media w/Dan Beer

September 23, 2021

In 2020, Dan Beer sold 438 homes and earned an excess of $10 million in GCI in San Diego, a staggeringly competitive market with thousands of agents. In the San Diego area, Dan’s brand is virtually inescapable—he dominates in billboard, TV, and radio advertising. A large portion of his massive success comes from his sphere, with targeted nurture strategies that run throughout the year. He has also created a marketing arsenal that drives massive value to everyone in his CRM. Today on the show you’ll learn how he does it:

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1. Sphere of Influence - Dan runs an effective 33-36 touch program for every single person in his CRM. He shares how his team puts out two educational videos each month, which are then repurposed on social media, touching all the online, PPC, Zillow, and open house leads. They have a stream of constant, decently relevant videos going out to up to 1,500 people. 

Their 1,500 past clients get monthly mail and an invitation to three events a year: a bingo night, a blockbuster movie night, and an “Octobeer” fest. Additionally, the clients who have ranked them as an eight, nine, or ten in likelihood to refer them get physical gifts—Dan is spending $120 on each one every year.

2. Farming - Dan’s farm has grown from 2,500 to 30,000 homes, and he’s touching all of these people twice a month with a monthly newspaper, monthly postcards, digital touches, and billboards on their driving routes. It’s no coincidence that the ZIP codes they farm are the ones where they are by far the greatest market shareholder. 

To identify the right ZIP code, Dan chose a neighborhood with a lot of community pride, an area with a high neighbor communication rate, and where people show up to community events often. 

3. Mass Media - Dan’s third source of leads is mass media: radio ads, TV ads, and billboards. He likes to think of his mass media strategy as a high-impression, far-reaching market coverage that boosts every other lead generation channel they have running.

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Generating Leads From Sports Marketing and Long-Term Branding w/Gary Ashton

Generating Leads From Sports Marketing and Long-Term Branding w/Gary Ashton

September 10, 2021

Gary Ashton has built the number one RE/MAX team in the world, with $1 billion in GCI. His team is also the Official Real Estate Team for the Tennessee Titans NFL team, and the Nashville Predators NHL team. Gary made a huge commitment to and investment in a massive staffing, branding, and advertising operation.

The key to Gary’s system is sports marketing, putting money towards long-term branding, hiring licensed local ISAs, and clever radio ads with catchphrases that stick in people’s minds. His team is layering in multiple pieces to create undeniable recognition and credibility in the Nashville market.

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You’ll learn how Gary generates thousands of leads with a unique marketing strategy including his “get your dream address without the stress” slogan. His main lead generation tactics are: 

1. The long-term branding play - Gary has invested in billboard and radio advertising, but that isn’t something to dive into too early. Don’t do billboards and expect the phone to start ringing immediately. Billboards don’t work by themselves, they amplify what you’re already doing. Create a solid foundation over time. 

2. Memorable radio ads - Gary’s ads stay top of mind with the use of catchphrases like “don’t sell without the intel” and “get your dream address without the stress.” By sticking to these catchphrases over the years, his team is instantly recognizable to the consumer. 

3. The emotional strength to spend on marketing - To emotionally withstand the pain of paying thousands of dollars in advertising and staffing and waiting to get the return, do it in small bite-sized chunks. Make it a gradual increase in spending, and stack up the small stones. 

4. Branding and marketing at the highest level - Gary leverages his status as the Official Real Estate Team for the Tennessee Titans NFL team and the Nashville Predators NHL team for brand association, credibility, and visibility. Instead of the standard sponsor deal where he gets a suite, he chose to get promotional tickets and to have a tailgate at the stadium. Instead of marketing to 12 people in a stadium suite, he can market to 30,000 people walking past the tailgate. He has further entrenched his association with the team by having TV ads running during games and radio ads presented by the voice of the Tennessee Titans. 

5. Licensed ISAs - Gary's team uses in-house licensed ISAs who are based in Nashville. They know the market and they can talk to buyers and sellers with authority. That way, the client never feels like they are being handed over to another assistant. 

Note how Gary uses a concerted but consistent strategy to help the customer create their own journey. 

Join us for this interview and learn how to layer in all the pieces of branding and marketing that will pay off in lead generation!

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